Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Goodbyes

How on earth will life be the same without Doña Torta? Picture Mrs. Robinson at about 70 years of age. She inappropriately boasts of her many current suitors... of all ages and how she lures them into her web. We will miss watching your "moves" with all of the band members. Goodbye to your "Mommy-to-be tank top and lycras, (bien pegaditos). In a way, she is a Dominican version of my dear friend Maxine. But a copy is never as good as the original!

Goodbye to all the doggies who have been hurt or injured, but smile anyway. Including the mamas who have had way too many litters. Goodbye to the crazy roosters who crow all hours of the day and night.

Goodbye to cold shower- ALWAYS- even when its a little cool outside.

Goodbye to our English Class... it was wonderful to be a part of your lives. Gracias Ada y toda su familia!

Goodbye to the colmados and getting just about anything you want delivered at any time. Even fake fingernails! No popcorn though....

Goodbye to all the fun times with Nasu, Milvia, Nassuel and Nasmil. Don't ever forget that MARsia and Hgcklek love you all.

Goodbye to our family in Ciudad Satelite... Luis, Rossy, Rosa Lee, Luisa, Thalia y Chanel.

This post was never sent, as I was having trouble downloading my photos. However, now so much has happened and I feel we need to do another blog.... coming later this evening!

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