Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our newest all-inclusive resort... El Hospital

Why? Only God knows the answer to that one. But here we are, going on our 5th day in the Hospital in Santo Domingo. Marsia had been fighting a cold for a while, and BAM! Asthma Crisis, some pneumonia, and who knows what else. At any rate we found ourselves at the Sala de Emergencia 2 nights, only to be admitted the following day. It has been anything but usual. And if Marsia has learned but 3 things, they would be: First, NO mas cigarros if she wants to continue breathing. Second, the more days that go by without bathing and washing her hair the more guys seem to be attracted to Marsia. We are both baffled by the sudden influx of suitors, but it helps to pass the days here. If Clinique could bottle her pheromones, she'd be a very wealthy woman. Third, don't ever wash your hair in cold water. It is a consensus amoung all Dominicans that this is the primary reason Marsia has been hospitalized. One might wonder why they haven't admitted me, but for now.... I'm fine.

Ismael: The security guard decked in camouflage - although I've yet figured out why.... (if the idea here is to blend in with the surrounding habitat, wouldn't just a pale gray jumpsuit be a better camouflage outfit?). He came into our room asking for Marsia's full name. I immediately obeyed, and when he asked for the contact phone number, got it for him quickly. When he questioned if the number was local, I nodded. Then he wanted her number in the states.. in case he needed to call. Hmmm.... by now I'm on to something. He gave me his number and said to call should we need ANYTHING. He called Marsia twice that first day. Aw.... love......

Mudo guy: He is a cook here at the Hospital General Vinicio Calventi. While he was the not the first to be attracted to Marsia, he is the first mute that has shown an interest in her, and the first who actually left a message on her voice mail. We can't understand him, unless he is pointing to things or gestering.... at any rate cupid really hit him hard.

Then there was the doctor. Of course, Marsia isn't attracted to him at all. But he is someone who has definitely shown an interest in her.

Lab Technician: This is the one who has really put forth the most effort. It is because of those efforts that we have our laptop with us in the room. The guards search all purses, bags, etc. No visitors are allowed practically. His name, you ask? Jesus Pineapple. I'm not making this stuff up. Actually his name is Jesus Pina which means Pineapple. People call him Toronja, which means Grapefruit. I call him Jesus.

At any rate, they are all great, and I know if we stayed any longer, Marsia would be dating. Its hard right now with her pole, hanging bags of medicine, hocking up lugies, and sore arms from failed IV ports.

One other reason we'd love to stay is the yumm yumm delicers food. This was Marsia's mangu today.... boiled, then mashed plantains. She left this - I don't know why. Does she not know how much vitamin A & C she is missing?

The other wonderful part of this all inclusive is that they have put Marsia in the pediatric wing, I think someone tipped them off about her love of small children. As a result, her nebulizer is child size, her mask is for babies, at one point they even had her take a child's dose of the antibiotic. I know God is working in her.

As for now, Marsia is working on her pole dancing skills, just in case no other jobs are available when we return.

Earlier a security guard had reprimanded me for wearing a sleeveless blouse. I don't know why, or what the punishment is, but I've not done it since. Yesterday I got in an arguement with several doctors when they couldn't give me a straight answer on what the diagnosis was for Marsia, and I said the only thing at that point I was clear about was that I couldn't wear a sleeveless blouse. They agreed, and laughed.

This will hopefully be our final blog post as we are trying to leave on Tuesday. Marsia said she is checking herself out tomorrow, regardless of what the docs say. Thank you all for being part of this adventure, hope you found it amusing and/or heartwarming.

Love you all..... Jill and Marsia (former BFFs) :)


  1. Hot mama Marsia et me know what you do to aget some many gus. I hope you are doing better. I'm going to miss your blogs. Love you guys

  2. :(

    Hurry up and get better so you can come home, but please be careful, dont over do yourself and listen to your body

    we love you and miss you!