Monday, December 21, 2009

Santiago or bust!

Seems like bust, to us. We were supposed to go with the musicians to Santiago for another gig.... (that's what we in the biz call it), but believe it or not we didn't fit in the van. They were celebrating the little town's independence. Everyone came out to partake in the festivities and the highlight of the celebration was Rosalee and her Grupo Lee. The van was like a mini van, which could somehow accommodate 12 people, but they managed to fit 17 into it.... and of course all of the instruments. There were drums, guitars, etc. You can tell how cramped it was by the picture of Marsia. I told them they were probably wondering why Rossy brought two gorditas when space was at an optimum as it was...... Anyway, it felt like deja vu all over again. All of this got us thinking how maybe next year it would be fun for all of us to pile into Evan's van and go to the coast. We don't have instruments, but we certainly could make room for our animals. What do we think? We've included some special pics for your enjoyment.

Marsia said the guy in the yellow was practically levitating trying not to squish her, the guy in the red took full advantage of the situation. Hard to believe there were other people in that row of seats.

Of course you have to put the music up as loud as possible, (Lisa would love that), and open all the windows. Here is how I looked after a mere 30 minutes on the road. You've gotta love the pics.

Just a short blog today, to let you all know we love and miss you! God bless you all!

Word of the day: Ya llegamos? Are we there yet?


  1. word of the day Ya llegamos, hahha, thats what I will be saying when we go to the coast in my VAN!! :)

    Miss you guys!!

  2. Merry Christmas you guys! MISS YOU!

  3. Hola ninas Como estan? You haven't post nothing in a while, What is going on. Las Extrano