Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saving Pollo Niyo!

Its hard to believe we've been here one month already! Looking back on all the things we've done, one of the best was saving pollo Niyo.

It started out with our small missions trip to San Cristobal, to visit a very large, needy family there. All the members of the family have built a home on the property and started their own family there when they marry. So aunts and uncles are all over the place, as are chickens, pigs, bunnies and birds.

The home is of a former baseball player who ended up fracturing his arm, thus ending his career. Sad, because I'm sure he was their hope. At any rate they all seemed happy, and we shared the afternoon together. They cut coconut from trees nearby and we drank the juice and ate the meat.

They also have banana, pineapple, guayaba and even a vegetable that grows way up in a tree, the size of bowling balls called Buen Pan. We ate some last night, and believe it or not, it tasted just like mashed potatoes that were slightly over-whipped. Go figure.

We spent time talking to all the family members and then gave out clothing, toys and little hygiene kits. We went for a little hike around the property and found all kinds of interesting things. We thought it was odd how they decorated the bushes on their property with the most random objects. And it wasn't confined to just one area, but throughout the property. Double click on these pictures, so you can appreciate their efforts to make their home beautiful and colorful. This picture is of a sun dried raisin box, a green lid, and a tube of Colgate toothpaste. They also use the egg shells as decorations.

The kids were happy with all their clothes and toys. It was a great time for all of us. When we left, the family couldn't find enough ways to thank us. They loaded us up with Buen Pan, oranges, plantains, coconuts etc. Right before we closed the back hatch on the SUV, they threw in a tied-up, live chicken. I could feel myself go pale. We got in, and were driving away when Nassuel started in asking what the plans were for the chicken. Milvia said she would make Sancocho. Nassuel started the chicken strike, by saying that he wouldn't eat it. Nasmil piped in "Ni yo!" (me neither).... then silence. I couldn't help myself and I said, "ni yo!" and explained to Marsia what was going on. Then she said, "Ni yo!". Nasu stopped the SUV and got out, gave them the chicken back and told them we would visit the chicken next time. We were all happy, and came back to Santo Domingo.
Word of the day: Ni Yo! or Me Neither! And so it would be that was the name of our chicken.... Niyo.

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  1. wow, LOVE the yard decorations!! Thats awesome that you guys saved the little guy! Way to go team Jill/Marsia or Marsia/Jill :)