Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Haiti

Wow, it seems like the world changed since our last post! The earthquake in Haiti was definitely felt here in the Dominican. I was working in the states for a few days, so obviously I felt nothing. However on my way back the following day, my flight was full of reporters and journalists from the Foreign Press. In fact, the row where I was sitting became the hub of all the journalists and cameramen, hoping our route back to the D.R. would take us over Haiti for an aerial view of the catastrophe. Unfortunately we came in from the east, so all of the HUGE cameras were swiftly put away.

Their objective to report from Port-au-Prince was complicated by the news that the airport was not functional. They were quickly trying to figure out how to mobilize the group on land, and it was doubtful that the Haitian govenment would allow all of their equipment into the country, and they were thinking that they would be on foot. They were prepared to explain to the Haitian government that their mission was to report the story in an effort to bring aid, and not focus on the extreme poverty or get into the political misgivings of their country. As I was telling this story to Marsia, and how the reporters were from Denmark, Austria, Germany, England, etc. I said it was really interesting because they were speaking in all these languages, mostly German. She looked at me like, "Really, Jill? And how was it that you understood their every move?" Ok, so I guess they were talking mainly in English, but I know I heard them speaking German!

So an opportunity came to us to do our mission yesterday in Little Haiti. We've included a few pictures of the new friends we were able to make ... and as always, there is never enough to give but they were grateful for everything. Many of the people here have families that at this time are unaccounted for. Please pray that they are well, and that communication is restored soon. Thank you all for your help!

Tomorrow we are going out to another mission. One of the neighbors has offered to cook a meal for all of the children in a very poor area about 1 1/2 hours from Santo Domingo called Yamasa. It should be a great day!
Truthfully, you probably have better links to what is happening minute by minute in Haiti then we do. Vehicles have been up and down the streets requesting donations to send to Haiti today, as well as the University getting a relief mission underway for the people of this struggling country. God Bless you all. Love Jill and Marsia


  1. you know its amazing with everything going on over there, every single one of those kids has a smile on their faces. Thank God you guys are all safe...and thank you for helping the people of Haiti. God Bless you guys!

  2. You guys are doing amazing work over there. My heart goes out to all of those suffering in Haiti right not. I can't even imagine what how devistating that must be for a country that didn't have much prior to the earthquake.
    Thank you for everything you are able to do. We miss you and we will see you soon.

  3. Happy Birthday Marsia Feliz Ano escribeme en espanol I love your post and I check it everyday Yes I'm alosser lol