Monday, January 18, 2010

Mission Yamasa

Marsia is really getting used to this.... It wouldn't surprise me if you found her "conditioning" in the Willamette!

Our mission to Yamasa was a huge success! We were able to serve over 100 children and a few adults as well. We were even able to give out doggie treats to some very skinny, needy dogs. In this blog we are including some photos, so you can get a feel for the little town of Yamasa.

In German they would call this, "Mein Hcghut"

"Really? You think a tube top is appropriate for a 10 year old?"

We were greeted by Aleidy (yes, pronounced "a lady") who had worked as a nanny for the family who took us to Yamasa. Their goal was to provide food for the small community. They brought Hot Dogs, buns, cabbage and the fixin's, and soda too! We toured the area, and went to their local watering hole. Several kids were jumping off the bank and into the water. One little one. about 12 years old, had no clothes on, whatsoever.... no one seemed the least bit concerned. They were just having a really good time. Some little girls were washing their hair in the river as well. It was like taking a step back in time. When we got back to the main area, the family we came with immediately set up their stove to cook on as we began handing out our donations.

Here we have Frank and Stein :)

We were also given some donations of used clothing, and have packed up the items which we had left over to be sent to Haiti via the University of Santo Domingo. Today, we went back to Little Haiti to fulfill our list of items that children were in need of since we didn't have them on our first visit. We also brought a few other little pencils and other goodies that we had left over from Yamasa. Note to self: there are many more 8 year old boys than one would think in these little villiages. Next time, have more things for them.

This one's for you Bill!

Word of the day: Masilla, or Play-doh.... It sounds an awful lot like Marsia! We gave some out to the kids in their goodie bags.

Well, we're almost falling asleep..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nighty night!
From Jill and Masilla ... God Bless you all! Pray for the restoration of Haiti!


  1. Hey ladies!
    What cute little kids I'm seeing in all of these pictures. Will and I keep talking and if we didn't have one on the way, we would be asking you to bring one home for us to adopt. Maybe someday that will be the reality. :)

    Anyway. I just noticed your new post when I was sharing your first hand experience with Haiti and Little Haiti to my co-workers. I think when it's someone you know, it makes it even more real. At least it does for me.

    How did the lunch/dinner turn out? What was it like?

    I hope all is well. Any big plans for your 28th b-day, Marsia? I'll chat with you tomorrow!!
    My kicking baby and Will say hi! :) (she's really hyper right now!)

  2. Hey Guys,

    I have been thinking about you both!! Keep Haiti in your blessings, and cant wait to see you very soon!