Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Astray...

Well, if there is one thing we've learned from our stay here.... it is not to plan too far in advance. In a nutshell, our bags full of donation goodies never made it to Dajabon with us. We think that room was needed to carry instruments for the festivities there.

We were able to make it to Haiti, and it was quite an adventure. You pass the Rio Masacre, (Massacre River named for the thousands of Haitians slaughtered there, trying to cross into the Dominican Republic). Here are some pics of families washing and bathing in the river. Some people were taking off their clothing to wash either the only thing they own, or to have everything they own, clean. Click on the images below to enlarge.

It was amazing how much poverty is just across the river. Although we didn't get that far into Haiti, what we saw was heartbreaking. It made us grateful to have food, water, electricity, etc. because sometimes, those are daily "necessities" we take for granted. Someday, it would be eye-opening to get into Haiti just to see what it's really like. For now we are looking forward to going to Yamasa, a village about an hour and a half from Santo Domingo hopefully on the 17th, (reference the title, please). We will be taking all our bags of goodies there.

On the trip we did see lots of funny things, this sign was among them.... Click the image to see the womans curlers still in her hair. I'm not sure of the deeper message there, or if it is yet another act of randomness. Have a great week... we will see you on the blog!
Love, Jill and Marsia
P.S. only 13 more shopping day's til Marsia's b-day!

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  1. well, its about time ya'll updated! I have been faithfully checking everyday! Glad you guys are having an eye opening experience. I think everyone in America should experience a 3rd world country, it sure makes you SO grateful for what you do have and not upset about what you dont have.