Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beans, Bites, and Bears, Oh my!

We've got the perfect side dish for any of you scrambling to determine what you will be making/bringing to your festivities tomorrow. It's the oddest thing..... Habichuelas Dulces.... or Sweet Beans. I know you're all probably dying to make it, but judge not my followers.... Below is a picture of what they look like. Still not buying it? Well then, you'll just have to trust me.

Here's how you make them:

Cook some red beans until soft and squishy. Now dump the beans and their liquid into the blender and blend them until most of the lumps are gone. Strain.

Heat coconut and coconut milk in a pot on the stove.

Add strained beans to coconut mixture.

Cook chunks of sweet potato with clove, all spice, sugar, and vanilla (quantities up to your discretion). When soft, add to bean/coconut concoction.

Cook together and add raisins just before the mixture is done. Top with animal crackers and serve! Viola, done!

Pobrecita de Marsia. The mosquitos have taken a liking to her feet and legs. They don't bother me one bit. I think they are after her pizza laden blood.

Here Marsia and I ran out in the rainstorm. It was pouring so hard we were wet in seconds. It felt so good! It had been hot and muggy lately and this was an excellent change. Click on the pic to expand!

Yesterday we went downtown to the colonial part of the city. We met Rosa Lee, Marsiel and our dear friend (and food and beverage pusher) Rossy. The day was chalked full of events but it culminated in a hunt for the perfect outfit for Rosa Lee for her next performance.... (she's the bachata singer - see previous blog for You Tube link) While we were there, we found the perfect maternity outfit for Katie to wear to work. There must be 500 sequins on the cups alone. It has a built in belly "shield" made of delicate beads. Kind of like a baby bead curtain. The yellow stretchy pants just bring the whole outfit together.

While shopping in a little boutique, Marsia came across a figurine that reminded her a lot of Boo Yumm, her beloved cat that she is missing so much. She (Boo Yumm, not Marsia) has crossed eyes and this seemed to replicate her pretty well for the time being.

Since we are both missing home and the holidays so much, we've decided to arrange a Thanksgiving get together here this coming Saturday. Since it isn't recognized as a holiday here, nobody gets a four day weekend, unlike you "arragan" (that means lazy and kinda pronounced like Oregon, that's how Marsia says it) Americans, so we will wait until the weekend. We are putting a bit of planning into this and it seems like it will be a huge hit. We are expecting around 20 people, assuming they don't invite more at the last minute. We have prohibited all root foods (ie, yucca, taro root), plantains, and rice. Although we are pretty confident some will show up somehow.
Gotta run, the Sancocho is almost ready. Have a great holiday weekend!!! Until next time....


  1. um, gross the sweet beans look like baby poop! Katie take a good look at that cause you will be seeing that soon! :)

    awww little boo yum! Did you buy it? I hope so!

    Love the outfit you picked out for Katie, its PERFECT!

    Miss you guys and have an excellect Thanksgiving feast!

  2. Miss you guys! Happy early Thanksgiving.

    Love Ev

  3. more blog posts...more blog posts!!! Cant wait to hear about your Thanksgiving feast!

  4. Thanks for thinking of me when you were out shopping! I'm sure by the time you get home with that outfit, it will fit perfectly. :) Yeh right, nothing fits perfectly! I was supposed to go up a cup size by you think that has happend? NO! Of course not!

    I hope your Thanksgiving dinner was a big hit and was filled with loud music coming from the worlds largest speakers, and plenty of latin dancing!! BTW...where do you find a turkey?

    Love you guys! Chat with you soon! ~k

  5. I'm not going to lie I will not be eating Habichuelas Dulces, ever.