Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boca Chica 2 (dos)

Not to worry, we returned to Boca Chica with more pictures for you all. Our guest photographers, Luisa and Rosa Lee, got in on the action. They actually got very into it and we all had a great time. We must be considered "regulars" at Boca Chica because everyone recognized us, including the vendors. The above photos are of some of the boys who sell Chicle (gum) to all the beachgoers. We got to talking to them after a little while and most of them go to school and then come to Boca Chica afterwards. The young boy in the hat, Simon, can't go to school because his family cannot afford a uniform for him. All schools, even public, require a uniform to attend. We researched the cost of buying him one and we believe we can outfit him under $15. Fortunately, we had some school supplies donated before we came here so he will have those to take with him as well. The uniform will be purchased next week so when we return to Boca Chica for our stay in December, we can offer these items to Simon and make his family happy.

When we arrived at the beach, three puppies were roaming around the sand. We played with them again and again, each time they would pass into our area. Chanel, from our previous post, really took a liking to them. She was constantly carrying them around to all the different people lounging on the beach. Jill thought Tallulah would have had a lot of fun playing with them. They were so adorable and would just fall asleep in your arms or on a shoe or wherever. I thought about bringing all three of them home for Julie since I'm positive that they would calm Morgan down. Maybe they will still be there when I go back and we can start the quarantine process?

Rosa Lee, Luisa, Chanel and I played in the water for a while. There was a crab (cangrejo) floating in the water when we first got in and I was a little weary until I realized that it wasn't alive anymore. We also saw a jellyfish the size of a dinner plate "resting" on the beach. Good thing nobody stepped on it!
We have so many more wonderful pictures to share from Boca Chica that we've decided to do a quick picture blog next. It will be fun pictures from our days so far. We hope you are all enjoying reading about our daily adventures.
WORD OF THE DAY - Cachorro: Puppy


  1. I got your alert. I love your comments and pictures especially the old guy in g-string lol
    I wish I was there Adios Muchachas keep up the good work

  2. awwwwww YES bring the 3 puppies home as I am SURE they will calm Morgan down...not only that, but they will remind you of the DR as well! Its a win win for everyone...wish I was there with you guys, miss you lots!