Monday, November 16, 2009

Our flight experience

After a little bit of a rocky start, we made it! Bags and all! Thank God Marsia is feeling almost normal again.... (whatever that may be), but she was an excellent traveller and kept her mask on non stop. She had trouble eating her snacks and having her Shirley Temple, but we cut a hole in the mask to fit a straw. No body said we were dumb!

As we were waiting for our flight to Atlanta this guy with several teeth came over and sat by us. Within minutes he told us he was a musician who had at one time played with Michael Jackson, and a host of other celebs... including most recently on his way to "throw down some tracks" with Lil' Jon and Lil' Wayne and possible other munchkins. He told us he had SO MUCH MONEY it was crazy, yet he was going standby or at least had no seat. Hmmmm!

We made it safely into Atlanta for our 16 hour layover. We got a room at the Holiday Inn Express, had dinner and settled in for the night. In my effort to remain as healthy as possible, I decided to continue my ritual of salt water up the nose and down the throat. I called downstairs for some salt and they said I could come and get it. As I was getting my hot water and salt, these "ladies" approached me, wanting to "hang out" with us in our room! I told them my niece was sleeping and they said, "so is that a no?" I said it was, and she kept on, saying she hadn't ever "hung out" with anyone from Oregon before.... she was too weird. We kept seeing them. One time they even got on the elevator with us and got off at our floor and went the other direction, trying their key in a door, and then coming toward our hallway. Jeepers Creepers!

Fortunately we had some great flight attendants, I even got tickled! On our flight into the Dominican, we met a group of Christian Mission Workers who were doing a project in Barahona, on their failing water system. They offered to help us with our mission by helping transport equipment into the the Dominican.... they were from Portland, Ohio and North Carolina. I told them about Louie and his baseball mission and they gave me their card and said we could send umpire equipment to the DR through them whenever we needed to!

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  1. Nice mask gramma! I'm soo excited from more blogs.